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Zanzibar National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children 2017-2022

Posted By: • December 11th, 2017

This National Plan seeks to establish, for the first time, a unified and comprehensive framework that outlines the clear intersections between violence against women and children while also recognizing the specific individual needs of each constituency.

This National Plan of Action places a specific emphasis on the prevention of violence against women and children in Zanzibar. While an effective response system for those affected by violence can also be considered a critical foundation for prevention, this plan will increasingly focus on primary prevention and early intervention efforts that prevent violence before it occurs and seek to address the root causes as well as the risk and protective factors associated with violence against women and children. This National Plan of Action will focus on evidence-based strategic prevention interventions with the aim of achieving significant and measurable reductions in violence.

The National Action Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children is the result of research, consultation, programming and analytical discourse on the most effective ways to prevent and respond to the complex dimensions of violence. This plan was collaboratively developed by a range of Government ministries, agencies, non- governmental organizations and development partners.

The overall vision of this National Plan is the eradication of violence against women and children in Zanzibar. To realize this vision, the National Plan of Action sets three expected outcomes. In order to achieve these three outcomes, ten key outputs have been identified. While each output can be considered multi-dimensional, under this plan, each output is specifically positioned to support each of the three outcome statements.

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