Sub-Saharan Africa

Integrating Violence Against Children Prevention and Response into HIV Services

Posted By: • November 28th, 2019
There is growing recognition that children of all ages and in all settings are at great risk of experiencing violence. However, being aware of a problem does not mean that we know how to address it. In particular, busy clinical providers who interact with children may suspect that a child is experiencing abuse, but not feel empowered with the skills needed to help. Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children), with LVCT Health, a Kenyan non-profit organization, developed a training curriculum for health workers to meet this need. There was a special focus on children, families and communities affected by HIV.
This presentation covers the development of the training, including the piloting and refinement of the package. Participants will gain an understanding of the package’s components and learn recommendations for improving the integration of VAC prevention and response into HIV clinical services.

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