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Rescue Dada Centre Child Reintegration Guide – Lessons Learnt from 21 Years of Reuniting Street Children with Kinship and Foster Guardians

Posted By: • November 24th, 2015

This guide provides an overview of the basics of reintegration, highlighting common difficulties and suggesting ways in which these could be overcome. In developing this guide, Rescue Dada Centre drew lessons learnt from the organization’s own team and also consulted with 6 other organizations who have established reintegration programmes. Given the Centre’s target beneficiaries, there is admittedly a strong focus on street children. However, within this group, the Centre deals with many different types of children, including orphans, children who have experienced abuse within their home environment, and children from very low income families; ultimately, it is hoped that the guide will prove useful for organizations who are not necessarily working specifically with street children.

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