Sub-Saharan Africa

ECPAT Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism: Sub-Saharan Africa Report

Posted By: • January 15th, 2017

This regional report was prepared as a contribution to ECPAT International’s Global Study on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT) and is based on research conducted in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia. The Sub-Saharan Africa research consistently identifies the need to improve services for the protection of children against SECTT, including response efforts that are properly contextualized and designed to meet the needs of families and child victims. The paramount importance of parental care and family relationships for ensuring the protection of children against SECTT is also underscored, with the recommendation that multi-stakeholder approaches to addressing this issue must involve identifying culturally relevant and effective ways to strengthen the capacity of families and communities to care for and protect children.

The Sub-Saharan report is unique in comparison to other regional reports that are part of the Global Study, because it was produced after the Global Study had been analyzed by key experts in a meeting in Paris in 2015, in which the authors of this report participated.

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