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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Uganda: A Critical Review of Efforts to Address CSEC 2005 – 2011

Posted By: • December 2nd, 2015

The report represents findings of a study on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children completed in February 2011. It is a follow up study on the first national study on Children Sexual Exploitation of Children done in 2004 which documented the extent of the problem. The 2004 study revealed that over 12,000 children were affected by trafficking and prostitution in Uganda. The 2011 study was commissioned to document factors that contribute to the rise of CSEC; interventions at various levels and changes therein since 2004.

The study also sought to identify policy and advocacy interventions and issues that need to be addressed to ensure that systems are established and/strengthened to address the problem of CSEC in Uganda. This was a cross-sectional study that utilized both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection. In total, 529 children and 60 key informants were interviewed during the data collection exercise in ten districts.

Although a review of existing literature showed that some small scale studies have been done following the 2004 CSEC study to some extent had tried to expose CSEC, many of these studies were found to be limited in terms of scope and methodology due to limited funding. This research was an attempt to investigate the CSEC in Uganda in a more detailed manner. The study established that commercial sexual exploitation of children exists, is hidden, more prevalent in urban settings, and appears to be infiltrating schools. The study also estimated that the number of children affected by CSEC had increased from 12,000 now estimated to be 18,000 with more girls more affected than boys.

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