Sub-Saharan Africa

Coming of Age on the Streets: Helping Young People become Independent Adults

Posted By: • January 19th, 2016

Multiple factors such as poverty, violence and neglect continue to push children outside family care around the world. Although different interventions such as family reintegration or foster care aim to return children to safe family environments, they are not always feasible for older children. In such instances, independent living may be considered as a form of alternative care which allows children to gradually gain autonomy making reintegration into their communities possible.

This literature review explores current international and selected national policy on independent living arrangements and examines the evidence of good practice from existing independent living programmes for care leavers in order to assess how both of the above can be applied to street-connected children. The review adopted a systematic approach in order to explore relevant literature. The approach was subsequently complimented by the snowball sampling approach. Additional sources recommended by other researchers and obtained from relevant websites were also consulted.

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