Sub-Saharan Africa

Child Protection Policy

Our Belief

We believe that every child has a right to live free from abuse and exploitation. We uphold the rights of children as defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and believe that all children have a right to protection: ‘…from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, while in the care of parent(s), legal guardian(s), or any other person who has the care of the child.

Everybody has the responsibility to protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, neglect, exploitation, violence and discrimination.

Our Commitment

Although this is a collaborative initiative of multi agencies, the website is managed by the RISE coordination team under Family for Every Child and therefore the Child Protection Policy of Family for Every Child  will generally apply.

Considering to the fact that the RISE Learning Network will not work directly with children, we commit to the following policies and procedures:

  • We will ensure that all those associated with the RISE Learning Network as staff, partners, members, volunteers, interns or consultants are aware of their responsibilities to protect children.
  • We will ensure that child protection forms an integral part of all stages of the activities we undertake.
  • We listen to and act on the views and opinions of children.
  • We will ensure where there are concerns about children and young people’s welfare, appropriate actions are taken to address those concerns.
  • We will implement all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to children’s welfare are minimised.
  • We all have a commitment and responsibility to support the care and protection of children with whom and for whom we work.
  • We will be guided by the ‘best interests of the child’ and the principle of do no harm in all our actions and decisions.
  • We will take all child protection related reports and concerns raised seriously and act upon as per our policies and procedures.