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    The RISE Learning Project is facilitating learning on Recovery and Reintegration (R&R) approaches that improve outcomes for children and adolescents affected by sexual exploitation (CSE). One of our methods to achieve this is through the implementation of learning projects: these are small reflective practice projects which allow practitioners on the ground to undertake a piece of work, learn together with peers and share their experiences with the wider community of practice.

    The first learning project on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of reintegration, which we will be launching soon, is building on the work of Home, which included this element of M&E. Home produced a draft toolkit in 2013 and we are aiming to refresh this, share it and encourage practitioners to implement some of the tools and participate in learning activities.

    Since this work in 2013 we are aware that there have been further efforts to push forward with learning how best to carry out M&E of the effectiveness of reintegration of children, in particular children affected by CSE but also reintegration of children from other situations of adversity or separation from their families. To help us recognise, learn from and build on these most recent efforts, we were hoping that you, as a key player in this area of work, might be willing to identify and share any publications or information from projects to generate learning on M&E of reintegration, which have been developed over the past three years.

    So please do post in the link here in this conversation or send to [email protected], any such reports or information you may wish to share, particularly in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa – we are keen to build on the good work that is out there!

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    Great! Can’t wait to see this tool as monitoring and evaluation is very important in measuring the effectiveness of projects and programmes. Moreover, to help know how effective our assistance to children has been.

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    Thanks, Linda! What tool(s) does your organization use to track recovery and reintegration programme activities?

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    We have various assessment tools like PTSD Screener. The others used to review progress of children in our recovery programme are tools developed with word document and excel spreadsheet database that we use to also track progress made. There are weekly reviews on all child victims or survivors by care team members to discuss their progress in terms of education, healthcare, emotional, social and psychological.

    We also have monitoring tools in the form of questionnaires to trace families by drawing the family tree to identify the household the child will be reintegrated and assessing that household to know the intervention needed for that household and family to be fit or ready to receive the child. We also use another form which is also a questionnaire to ask questions in schools and homes where the child was reintegrated to know how he or she is doing in school and at home looking at perspectives of teachers, parents and the child.

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