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Trace Kenya Marks its 10th Anniversary

Posted By: • July 21st, 2016

Trace Kenya, a member of the RISE sub-Saharan regional working group, celebrated its tenth anniversary at a ceremony held in Mtwapa, a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya in March.  Trace Kenya’s founder and director, Paul Adhoch, chaired the event which convened key stakeholders including beneficiaries, partners, media representatives and community members.

Starting from small beginnings via community action to rescue girls from child marriage in Kwale County, the organisation’s impact and reach has grown considerably over the years, particularly in the area of counter-trafficking. Notable achievements include delivery of awareness-raising sessions on human trafficking to over 54000 community members including in school settings, provision of 154 children with scholarships and mentorship opportunities, and education of  7600 youth on safe migration practices. Trace Kenya has also contributed to the establishment of 6 sustainable women’s groups in urban informal settlements in Mombasa.

Currently, art exhibitions for awareness purposes, policy advocacy, and community dialogue form major aspects of Trace Kenya’s programming in its four interventions areas: human rights, education, peace & governance, and sustainable skills development. The organisation’s target beneficiaries are children and youth affected by human trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced labour, women (often victims of sexual exploitation and gender-based violence), and persons with disabilities.

10 years on, Trace Kenya continues to make strides in countering human trafficking in Kenya.

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