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Call for Articles

Posted By: • January 22nd, 2017

The RISE Learning Network is inviting contributions from professionals around the world working on projects and programmes that aim at the recovery and reintegration of children affected by sexual exploitation and other forms of violence and abuse.

The primary aims of this blog initiative are:

1) to provide a forum for a diverse set of voices to share their expertise and research in the field of child recovery and reintegration,

2) to create a process for the dissemination of knowledge on recovery and reintegration approaches,

3) to contribute to the systematisation of practices in the field, and

4) to help build a vibrant global  community of learning.

We will consider different types of articles for publication on the Blog. The different article types could include but are not limited to: book reviews, scholarly articles, literature reviews, editorials, interviews, reflections on organisational practices, learning from conferences.

The author of the article agrees that the work being submitted does not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property laws. All submitted articles will be screened by the RISE Coordinating team to determine the suitability and relevance of the article topic for the blog. Also, the RISE team reserves the right to edit and revise accepted submissions as appropriate, which will be communicated to the author.


Article Format

Articles can be submitted in English or Spanish and should have a clear title as well as include author name(s), position(s)/title(s), institutional affiliation(s), and email address(es). Sources referenced must also be properly credited. All articles must be submitted in a Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). Any images embedded in the document or provided separately  should be in gif, jpg, or png format.

Note: Articles selected for publication will be reformatted to fit the requirements of our publishing platform.


Examples of Topic Areas

Topic areas for articles may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Monitoring and evaluating projects and programmes
  • Theoretical essays within the areas of sexual exploitation, violence, and slavery
  • Discussion and analysis of laws, policy, and advocacy to end these forms of violence
  • Assessments of campaigns and services for victims of exploitation, violence, and slavery
  • Reviews of books, films, online publications, and other forms of media related to sexual exploitation and violence, as well as individual, civil society, and governmental responses
  • Opinions on topics related to sexual exploitation, violence, and slavery, including current political, social, and cultural events or values, and changes in law and policies.
  • Articles on the state of knowledge and direction of scholarship on topics related to sexual exploitation, violence, and slavery

We welcome articles that cover multiple areas and also articles that bridge the gaps between different topic areas. Closely related issues that don’t necessarily fit into one of the above areas are also welcome.

The RISE Learning Network encourages global participation and invites authors from different backgrounds and cultures  to contribute.

Please, submit your articles by email to one of our Regional Coordinators:


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